Can I read my DVD+R/+RW discs on a DVD-ROM drive?
In general: yes. The DVD+R/+RW format was designed to be compatible with DVD-ROM drives. It shares as much characteristics of the DVD-ROM format as possible, which makes DVD+R/+RW an ideal medium for backups, or to distribute large amounts of data (such as high resolution images, video files or big databases) to other people. However, there are a number of factors that affect compatibility. By it\'s nature, a recordable disc has a slightly lower laser reflection than its factory-pressed cousins. This will confuse some players as they try to initialize a particular disc. Another factor is related to the identification of a recorded disc. When a drive checks the disc-type field that is stored on each DVD disc and finds that it\'s not a "read-only" or pressed DVD, it might have troubles playing it. Luckily, both issues only come across with a minority of drives, and both issues can be resolved by updating the firmware of the drive (as they are not related to hardware issues). Check the drive manufacturer\'s website to see if a firmware upgrade is available. For more hints and tips on improving compatibility, refer to the Compatibility Issues article.

Will DVD+RW PC drives support the writing to CD-R/RW media?
Yes, all DVD+RW and DVD+R/+RW drives are able to write to CD-R and CD-RW media. Recording speeds vary between different models, check the specifications of the drive to obtain information on the writing speed of CD media.

What is the recording speed for DVD+R and DVD+RW?
Every DVD+R/+RW drive can write both DVD+RW as well as DVD+R media at least at 2.4x DVD speed (comparable to 22 Mbit/sec or 20x CD speed), as 2.4x is the minimal writing speed for DVD+R and DVD+RW. For DVD-R and DVD-RW, the minimal writing speed is 1x DVD, you need certified discs and a capable recorder to write at higher writing speeds. Most recent DVD+R/+RW drives will write at certified DVD+R media at 4x DVD speed, while newer drives will also write certified DVD+RW media at 4x DVD speed. This makes DVD+RW the fastest rewritable DVD format around.

Are first generation DVD+RW drives upgradable for DVD+R?
Every DVD+R/+RW drive manufactured after April 2002 will be able to record on both DVD+RW and DVD+R discs. A number of first generation drives were sold between September 2001 and Summer of 2002 which only support the writing of DVD+RW discs. These drives can not be upgraded by firmware to allow for the recording of DVD+R discs.

Can I copy a DVD-Video disc using a PC DVD+R/+RW drive?
Using a PC DVD+R/+RW drive and the appropriate DVD-Video premastering software, you are able to create DVD-Video discs on your PC. Using the proper tools it is even possible to make a 1-on-1 copy of a DVD-Video discs, including its navigation and menus, provided that it is not CSS-protected.

Note however that most pre-recorded DVD-Video discs use both layers (and as such are using up to 9 GB of storage space), and that every recordable DVD format only supports one layer (4.7 GB). Therefore, it will never be possible to make a 1-on-1 copy of a dual layer DVD-Video disc. You will need a tool that can split such a title over two discs, or one that can re-encode the video to fit on the recordable DVD disc.

Can I create DVD-Video discs using my PC DVD+R/+RW drive?
Yes. To create DVD-Video discs using a PC DVD+RW drive requires the proper premastering software that can encode video and audio into DVD formats. Furthermore, you need software that can generate a DVD-Video disc image file that conforms to the DVD-Video specification to allow for playback on DVD-Video players. Most tools will handle all of these steps in the so called "authoring process", so you will be able to feed your source material into the application (either already available on your computer, for example from an Internet download, or captured trough a video board), customize the video and the look of the menu screens, and then create a DVD-Video disc using your DVD+R/+RW drive. Fore more information about creating DVDs and Video-CDs, converting video into DVD format and most other DVD auhtoring related questions, refer to this excellent web site: www.videohelp.com.

How can I edit my DVD-Video recording on a DVD+RW disc using a PC?
Editing video on a PC equiped with a DVD+R/+RW drive can be much more versatile than on a DVD+RW video recorder, since you can use any software that is capable of handling video or stil images to create the desired effects and precisely select the video sequences that you want to be included. However, it will be more complex and difficult to use than the simple operation of a stand-alone DVD+R/+RW video recorder.

If you want to make changes directly on a DVD+RW disc without the need for rewriting its entire contents (for example to make a change to the menu screens), make sure you use an application that supports the DVD+VR format. Refer to the DVD+RW Real Time Video (+VR) Format FAQ for more info.

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